Distribution ERP Features

Master Import, Export facilities

Import the masters and price updates quickly, save time and avoid errors. This helps prevent boredom of large set of masters or editing them.

Procurement Management

Purchase orders required to placed timely and consciously to avoid sales loss and improve customer confidence. In some industry verticals the purchase department has to be very smart to reduce average inventory holding time and improve profitability obviously not at cost of Sales loss. Prompt’s purchase order management module is very intuitive and intelligent to help you achieve optimization.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are too important for any business and need highest attention from concerned stakeholders. In the digital era its very important to facilitate your customers with every possible platform like mobile, website and our Infoserver to place orders round the clock. Also facilitate your own field force to book orders with always on hand and real time inventory information with all attributes like Schemes, Offers, Prices and availability.

Multiple rate, scheme and discount profiles

In the cut throat competition every company/principal try to blow up their sales keeping segmented view on end consumer. Winning order remains a key concern and to achieve that principal companies offer their products with various attractions like special prices, schemes and discounts. To break eyes from competition this is now essential. We have very robust architecture to manage such a complex scenario.

Credit Control

Setting and adjusting credit control for each account is key game changer, helps you build customer loyalty and confidence. Customer behaviour remains ever changing so it’s vital to monitor that constantly and set credit limit accordingly is inevitable. Multiple options to set credit limit for every account is an immaculate function in our solution.


Control Price and Margin

Setting Price tags and Margin limits for SKUs is very important when there is huge number of transactions takes place and trade is too complex like Pharma Distribution. To avoid manipulation during sales activities also its important to control prices and margin to avoid unanticipated losses in such segments. 


Sales, Purchase and Quotations with electronic import, export facilities using CSV, Excel, PDF

Processing large numbers of orders to sales invoices, making purchase entries and generate quotations is an innate capability of our solution without compromising on Account, SKU attributes and still do these activities seamlessly, of course our solution facilitates softcopy processing of all these vouchers. 


Claims generation

Companies design their sales policies and impose secondary claim system on their distributors. Distributors in turn have to manage generating secondary claims from their sales records to achieve their defined profit margins. We have designed the module so intelligently to meet this demand and stay ahead in the game.


Route management

Route management is very crucial to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence as far as delivery, collection and on site promotional activities are concerned. A very intelligent module helps you set routes for everything in just few clicks even with large chunk of customer base.


Complete GST filing Suite

GST compliance is very crucial as it attracts legal actions. With ever changing government policies and rules its imperative to stay up to date and meet dead lines of filing GST returns. We have end to end GST compliant in-built module to help you get it done very easily.


TCS, TDS compliance and reports

Another blow of TCS roll out by government literally shaken every business owner but we simplified it and enhanced our software so quickly to comply with every aspect of it.



360° view of profit in your business is very crucial to simply understand where business is beheaded. Predominantly, we give very accurate profit margins for every SKU or Customer you deal with.


Financial reports

End to End analysis and drill down of every account is important to have complete idea of all transactions and verify them quickly. Our Balance sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial balance sheet reports satisfies all stake holders like Tax practitioners, Consultants and Chartered accountants. 


BI reports

Sales, Purchase and Stock analytical reports helps you have better insights on your business and take crucial decisions. Our analytical report designer empowers you to generate reports the way want and save them for future use. Its as easy as you think. Think beyond, Think Prompt


MIS reports

More than 500 segment specific reports are available for daily analysis of Sales, Purchase and Stock. Customers, Products and Companies are key elements of these reports which helps communicate better with respective stakeholder more effectively and take decisions very efficiently on future course of action


Customer grouping and ratings based on KPIs

Rating of customers is very important when you want to segment them and build trust towards your organization. Get scores of your customers based on set KPIs like recency, frequency and monetary.


Product grouping

Product grouping is very important functionality available and is helpful when there is mass change and its promotion or selling patterns requires change.