Software for Distribution Business

I have been going through various businessmen’s journey since I am in Professional field. In this journey I have observed that almost every one of them willing to scale their business to newer level and they seek technology support to achieve the objectives.

Now here comes the Technology, plethora of technology innovations have happened and is evolving even faster than ever before. As the world has globalised it has become easy to explore every technology, required to scale business, methodically. In this era software played vital role to achieve the anticipated scale.

We at Prompt, stayed in the game throughout last 28 Years and evolved our Solutions, Products and Services with evolution of newer, faster, and imaginary programming tools created by legendary companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and many more. We persistently kept developing our portfolio of Software and tried to help our customers to achieve their objectives.

With this they could overcome the trend, benchmark and tech deployment challenges and survived and thrived.

Our Latest Generation CRM, Manufacturing ERP, Hospital Management Information System, Distribution Software, Retail Software could achieve a sizable traction in the marketplace across India, Africa, Oman, and UK.

Today I will list out some major capabilities of our Distribution Software.

Sales and Distribution requires the most logic to accommodate all complex need of fulfilling the order with lots of attributes.

What are they?

It starts with Customer profile. Customers’ profile in software is loaded with plenty of attributes like Credit Facilities, Group of Customers, Scheme/Offers customization, Discount and Rate Profiles, Sales return criteria, Communication preferences, Sales/Delivery Person Links, Route they fall in, their Banking details, Licences details, Targets, Memberships, Schedule Product sales, Billing Profile and Accounting methods out of which some are specific to Pharma Distribution.

Then comes Product. Product attributes like discount, hsn, gst, offerings, expiry, barcode, serialization, pack sizes, unit sizes and many more plays vital role and some are critical to meet while billing in large volume going on from multiple terminals in the network. According to terms defined with customers and Drug rules the software should manage large chunk of order-to-cash operation and manage all offerings and taxes based on defined parameters.

Compliance is inevitable while you do billing as it has litigation hook. TDS, TCS, GST, e Way Bill, e Invoice are crucial elements to deal with while issuing a bill.

Some Global Features like Currency, AI/ML, RPA, POS facilities, Multilocation billing, Data Centralization are becoming need of business and to be integrated in the software.

Prompt’s Distribution ERP Software has so far managed to deliver all these concerns and is still evolving to make Businessmen’s life business friendly, at the same looping social life!

We would be more than happy to share some links to help you get some ideas about software’s capabilities. Its ERP in true sense for every business size.

There is lot more to share in coming blogs, stay tuned!

The software caters to the needs of segments Pharma, Chemicals, Automobiles, Consumer Goods, Building Materials, Electronics and Electricals, Toys and Stationeries, Iron and Steel, etc.