Distribution ERP Software


Distribution ERP Software

What facilities/attributes your account master should be enabled with

  • Cheque Name
  • TDS/TCS applicable or not and how much along with Threshold
  • Limit Days
  • Limit Amount
  • Limit bills
  • Grace period
  • Customer Category
  • Route
  • Customised Code
  • Credit/Debit Note and its rate profile
  • Destination Country, Port
  • Currency
  • Contacts details
  • Licensing details and its validity
  • Permanent disable for transaction
  • Allowed for return or not
  • Scheme to be passed or not
  • Customised rate profile
  • Customised Discount profile
  • Customised Scheme profile
  • Customised Productwise Discount profile
  • Customised Billing profile
  • Invoice format for mail
  • Auto notify about outstanding
  • Whether Institute or not
  • GST registered or not
  • Banking details
  • When Account type is Bank – Bank Account number to be mentioned
  • Sales return limit
  • Credit Days

Every above attribute has a certain use case which allows Distribution businesses to manage operations efficiently while dealing with customers or suppliers or any other account.

Let’s start with Cheque Name

Use Case: Its useful when Supplier having multiple divisions to operate from. Say Supplier supplying from different division/department and maintaining single ledger you need to mention Cheque Name in its account so whenever you print a cheque the cheque name (mentioned in account master) will print on instrument.

We shall continue with other attributes in next blog. Stay tuned on https:/prompt.in

Along with all functionalities what values we add to exceed your expectations?

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