Very useful Application for Pharma Distributors. Practically it is difficult for a Pharma Distributor to manage providing Sales and stock data to representative of Pharma companies every week or monthly basis.

To avoid mess and provide quality information to Reps of companies this application was developed by Prompt in early years and it really proved the best Application to efficiently manage providing data accurately and in timely fashion without compromising on business processes.
  • Provide Up to date data Company wise / Division wise sales & stock data seamlessly.
  • Provide Party wise / Company wise / Division wise Sales data as and when required.
  • Provide Purchase order details Company wise / Division wise data to company representatives.
  • New company / New division / New product integrity on web application is seamless and accurate.
  • Role based management.
Pharma Distributors can manage and furnish required data to huge mass of company representatives as easy as they drink a cup of tea. It is a fantastic cloud app to manage large pharma distribution business.

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