The retail industry is at the center of a dramatic shift in the way consumers shop and interact with their retailers. After hundreds of years of customers “going to the store,” the store is now, more and more, coming to the customer. Customers, using digital tools and channels, have broken down the retail wall. Today, they demand that retailers be wherever they are: at home, at work, travelling, even just waiting in line.

It’s a whole New Game. New channels reach to web, device, store and beyond. New tools deliver highly personal experiences (online and offline) to customers, and then instantly measure and improve those experiences. New devices in customers’ hands expand product presentation. It’s a constantly changing game as well: customers will always demand even better experiences. The Rules of Retail have changed too. These New Rules bring new opportunities for the retail industry— opportunities that might themselves become game changers. More and more, innovative retailers—using brilliant strategies, advanced technologies, best practices, and operational excellence—grow revenue by delivering, satisfying buying experiences wherever their customers are and whenever they want to buy. Our innovative business solutions, and comprehensive portfolio of offerings, help retailers use these rules to guide them.
  • Useful for Multiple Firms and Multiple Branches.
  • HELP provided by software at every step.
  • 4-Layer Security System.
  • Product Master (Including more then 82,000 Product with Latest MRP, Latest packing and more than 33000 products with Generic information).
  • Backend Database option like MSSQL available.
  • Substitute help & Suggestion with prices and other relevant information during sales.
  • Hot Key – Product, Patient, Doctor, Supplier, Generic, New Products query from anywhere.
  • Auto Credit/Debit notes.
  • Auto float order (Sales Based, From Daily Sales, From Distributor’s List).
  • Auto Purchase From Order.
  • Party wise ordering with free quantities and e-mailing from software in integration with Outlook.
  • Zooming facility from Registers like Purchase, Sales, Issue/Receipt etc. with so many required filters.
  • See per bill profit during sales only.
  • Make bills with help of preformats of regular patients, doctors (Operation item Chits) in a single click.
  • Make bills for doctors and relatives with Wholesale rate in a single click.
  • Easiest Sales, Purchase history search of any product from Sales, Purchase, CN/DN notes, Ctrl+Z etc and zoom into voucher from anywhere !!
  • Multiple Year Purchase data in Current year.
  • Last Year’s Patient’s history in current year.
  • M.R.P Wise, Product wise, Batch wise, Rack, Favorite SEARCH during sales.
  • Special zooming from Balance Sheet to Ledger to voucher available for Invoice, Cheque issue, Purchase, Clearing.
  • Mailing, Printing, File Export Facility in every report.
  • Facility to write an important note, message during Billing, CN/DN, Purchase.
  • Facility for reconciliation of Bank and stock.
  • Facility to remove loose expiry from stock.
  • Update Min., Max, Reorder and Location of products from single form.
  • Stock point wise sales and purchase entry.
  • Prefeed Doctor wise, Patient wise, Account wise discount amount and make your billing more comfortable.
  • Keep record of pending cash bill during sales only.
  • Take print of all bills with summary together when patient takes discharge from hospital.
  • Take print of order chits to wholesalers with summary of todays order with party list.
Pharmacy application endorsed by thousands of Pharmacy owners gives unique user experience. Demographically diverse application backed up with Mobility solutions makes pharmacy a high tech entity

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