PROMPT News & Media


News & Media 1.0 takes all your circulation tasks, including digital and print, and makes them more efficient and less time- consuming.

Its powerful features put necessary reports at a user’s fingertips and manages subscription and distribution needs, with a minimum amount of administration for weeklies, dailies or magazines with one site or a multitude.
  • Access Everywhere: News & Media 1.0’s 100% browser- client allows access to your system from anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • In the Cloud or Self-Hosted: A single server can host multiple sites in different areas, even different states. Or, forget about the server hardware all together, and have us host News & Media 1.0 at our state-of-the-art hosting facility.
  • Consolidate and Save: News & Media 1.0 will help your group save time and money through our consolidated solutions. PROMPT Solutions has the experience and know-how!
  • Full-featured Package: One application can handle subscriptions (digital and print), distribution, subscriber billing, distributor billing, dispatching, preprints, contracted mailing lists and more with no need for additional modules.
  • The News & Media 1.0 solution simplifies your business by bringing sales (CRM), proposal generation, ad order entry, production, and accounting workflow into one integrated database that can monitor the whole process from prospecting to the receipt of the payment for the ad.
  • Proposal Generation : Create customizable proposals that are tailored to meet the needs of your prospective client. Multiple pieces of media can be combined on a single proposal to create a bundled media package. Our web based solution allows sales reps the flexibility to manage ad orders on the road.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable : The News & Media 1.0 serves as a newspaper accounting software which is both easy to use and extremely flexible. Turn insertion orders into contracts, invoice, and receive payments. Charge advertisers credit cards directly from The News & Media 1.0.
  • Reporting: Over 175 core reports provide on-demand financials, audit information, marketing, mailroom reporting and more, including all USPS reports. You can also schedule and send reports to CSV, TXT, PDF, line printers, as well.
  • Tracking: Unlimited user-defined rates, sub-rates, transaction codes, start reasons, stop reasons and promotions are available.
  • Email and Text Messaging: News & Media 1.0 utilizes both email and text messaging throughout the system. From automated reports and email renewal messages, to automated dispatching of complaints through text messaging.
  • Streamlined Data Entry: Whether in the field or in the office, News & Media 1.0 simplifies and streamlines getting information into the system. Enter returns, payments, credits or adjustments in rapid entry mode or import returns, scan-based sales, draw adjustments, payments from outside sources for quick and easy entry into News & Media 1.0.
News & Media 1.0allows for an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand complete picture of your audience across all your products and offerings.

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