Hospitality Management


Hotels, casinos, and resorts around the world can opt for Prompt hospitality management software products to be at the core of their company’s infrastructure because of the flexibility and scalability they provide for business growth. As your business expands, you can rely on Prompt’s Hospitality Management Software solutions and global support, whether you are opening your 1st, 10th, or 100th location.

Prompt for Hospitality is a global enterprise resource planning software solution designed for hospitality organizations. The solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide financial management, business intelligence, and more. Our hotel management software, resort software, and casino management software all provide integrated solutions to help achieve maximum efficiency within your business.
  • Expedite and simplify your guest's check-in process
  • Enrich your guest stay with personalised infotainment
  • Achieve streamlined operations through digital operations
  • Empower your hotel staff with mobile devices for seamless communication
  • Indulge your guests while generating revenue
  • Maximize energy economy with centralized control and monitoring
  • Optimised Hotel Operations
  • Revamp the lobby with digital technology to intuitively promote your amenities
  • Streamline Business travellers' work experience with smart technology
  • Tap into every need of your guest
  • Allow your guests to check out at their convenience
This provides world class support for the hotel, restaurant and hospitality focused businesses with interfaces to many POS, time and attendance, and other systems.

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