PromptERP is a latest generation software built with a vision to handle any size of business operations of process manufacturing industries world wide. It meets the requirements of latest trends the way businesses have adopted.

The wonderful thing to know about the solution is it has capability to interface with any ERP solution or web applications to make any employee of the enterprise most efficient as they can perform their tasks with just few clicks and save lot time! The time saved in turn directly touches the bottom line of the business that is PROFIT.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Automated Production Planning and Control (PPC).
  • Automatically schedule production jobs.
  • Inventory location management.
  • Segregation of duties. Define work flows for critical processes to assign responsibilities and minimize the possibility of errors.
  • Departmental requisition. Improve control over the consumption pattern for items that were previously unaccounted for by mandating a requisition for any material issued for consumption.
  • System controlled tax structure. Eliminate clerical errors caused by ignorance of statutory requirements through automated application of taxes based on user defined conditions.
  • Comparison of purchase quote Identify the L1 (lowest cost) supplier and reduce procurement cost.
  • Min-Max planning for consumables and imported raw materials.
  • Control inventory and reduce costs with Min-Max planning for consumables and imported raw materials that have a high procurement lead time.
  • User-wise ledger access. Restrict access to sensitive information in the accounts department to authorized users only.
  • Reports on reasons for rejection in production Take preventive action by drilling down to the cause of rejections on the production floor.
  • On-demand reports Generate and view reports whenever you need them, even from your smart phone.
  • Statutory form tracking Achieve statutory compliance and minimize legal complications by tracking statutory forms.
  • Extranet integration with OEMs Upload invoice details directly to OEMs and simplify your billing Process.
  • Integration of finance vouchers with bank.
  • statements and 'hundi' statements via auto-bank reconciliation.
  • Automate accounting processes.
  • Upload of large volumes of transactions through Microsoft® Excel™.
  • Integrate your current processes easily with our ERP module.
  • Auto-transfer policies for stock movements Manage multi-site production easily.
  • In-process quality controls for Goods Inward Note.
  • (GIN), production, finished goods; re-test during.
  • shipment.
An ERP solution for Process Manufacturing Industry. Definition of any task can be sensed in more pragmatic way with this ERP, just explore it

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