Distribution ERP Price Comparison

Module Description Lite Essentials Essentials+ Professional Enterprise
Sales Multiple Billing Series
  Comprehensive Search criteria
  Drag and Drop
  Intelligent Account / Customer information
  Rate profile selection
  Customised Top and Bottom Extra fields
  360° Item Search
  Bulk Invoicing
  Multiple Scheme / Rate / Discount handling capability while bulk invoicing
  Bill Discounts / Special Discounts with Authorization
  Segment specific billing screen
  WhatsApp, Email, SMS, notification WhatsApp (),
Others ()
  All Payment modes integration
  Customised Billing formats
  Multiple location billing
  Activity log on screen
  Authrization for billing
  Account / Customer rating based notification
  Embeded Analytics
  Billing from Customer's Preformats
  Hot keys Sales, Purchase history Item, Account, Customer
  Various Payment settlement modes
  Real time Sales, Return and Receivable information
  GST, TCS compliance
Purchase Purchase import
  GST, TCS compliance
  Real time Purchase, Return and Pending claim information
  Over or Under supply information
  Real time Price and Offer deviation information
  Bonus, Discounts deviation alert
  Posting of stocks and accounts after verification
  Hold and transfer entire invoice
  Freeze SKU sales
  Scheme master preparation
Invoice Delivery Challans
  Packing and Delivery Management
  Sales Order Management
  Purchase Order Management
  Branch Transfers
  Stock Adjustments
  Other Input / RCM
  Credit/Debit Notes
  Stock Transfers
Accounts Receipt and Payment
  Salesman wise receipt
  Bill wise receipt
  Cheque search
  Bill wise settlement
  Single entry for Cash deposites to Bank
  Journal Vouchers
  Expense and Asset bill entries
  Sales Register
  Purchase Register
  Journal register
  Receipt and Payment registers
  Credit/Debit Note registers
  Due bills register
  Post dated cheque register
  Blank cheque register
  GST reports
  TCS reports
  Cash flow
  Interest Calculation
  Account balance Daily / Monthly
  Bank reconciliation
  Day Book
  Financial reports - TA, P&L, BL, TB, AnnexuresFinancial reports
Special Mater Lists
  SKU cardex
  Schedule reports
  Margin reports
  Stock out SKU reports
  Scheme Combos
  Scheme Circulars
  New Arrived SKUs
  Special Invoices
  Address Lable Prints
  Pay Slips
Periodical Sales & Stock reports
  Company wise Sales & Stock reports
  Physical Verification
  Account receivable
  Account receivable Deliveryman wise
  Account Receivable Salesman wise
  Account Payable
  Scheme/Discount reports
  Customer / Supplier Analysis
  Product Analysis
  Company Analysis
  Salesman Analysis
  City Analysis
  Area Analysis
  Topper's Analysis
  Administrative / Analytical reports
  Ageing analysis
  Target reports
  Custom reports
  Stock analysis
  Sales analysis
  Purchase analysis
Utilities Calculator
  Address Book
  Task Schedular
  Product Information
  Customer Information
  Company Information
  Supplier Information
  Generic Information
  Barcode reprint
  Stock reconciliation
  Reset receivable / Payable
  Recalculate Stock
  Recalculate Balances
  Regenerate voucher numbers
  Invoice Export
Master Customer Master
  Supplier Master
  Customised Discount
  Customised Rate
  Customised Scheme / Bonus
  Walk in Customer
  Tax Category
  Product Master
  Generic Master
  Schedule Category
  Category Master
  Salesman Master
  Deliveryman Master
  Billing Master
  Staff Master
  Payroll Master
  Banker Master
  Transporter Master
  Location Master
  Shift Master
  Multiuser Option 1+1 Include
(Extra Charge)
Price   4,999 8,999 12,999 17,999 1,50,000 (Onwards)

Add On Modules

Module Description Lite Essentials Essentials+ Professional Enterprise
Tally Export Per Instance   3,999 3,999 3,999 3,999 3,999
WhatsApp Annually   999 999 999 999 999
iBiz (Software On App) Annually   2,999 2,999 2,999 2,999 2,999
Banking Integration ICICI     999 999 999 999
Internal Chat   499 499 499 499 499
Membership - Onetime / Renewal     3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999
Barcode - Onetime / Renewal     3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999 3,999 / 999
SSLive Statement & Orders   6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000
  Statement & Orders & Partywise Invoice Cuts   10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Backup In Software   Free Free Free Free Free
  Autobackup Annually 499 499 499 499 499
  Cloud Backup Annually 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600
  Backup Integration on Google Drive / One Drive On Your Account Annually 999 999 999 999 999
Infoserver Invoice Import 300 Min / 1,000 Max. 300 Min / 1,000 Max. 300 Min / 1,000 Max. 300 Min / 1,000 Max. 300 Min / 1,000 Max.
  Order Import 1/per order/invoice 1/per order/invoice 1/per order/invoice 1/per order/invoice 1/per order/invoice
LiveCommerce Mobile App B2B App for One Mobile   Free Free Free Free
  Additional Per Month Per Device   300 300 300 300
SMS Integration (SMS Pack (Minimum 10000 Qty) 1Year Validity @18 Paise Per SMS)   499 499 499 499 499
Any format, Report, format change, 1 format free   999 999 999 999 999
RxLive Mobile App B2C   Call Call Call Call Call
Payment platforms Integration     Call Call Call Call
Software On Cloud   Call Call Call Call Call
Additional Per Extra User   Call 3,999 3,999 3,999 Call
Additional Per Extra User Renewal   Call 750 750 1,000 Call